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The Carribean island of Saint Barthélemy, often abbreviated to St Barth or St Bart, is an island situated about 35 kilometres north of St Kitts and about 240 kilometres east of Puerto Rico. The volcanic island covers 25 square kilometres and has a population of about 9600.

For fun

There is a score of activities and a laid back, yet upmarket style all rolled into one. If you decide to go out and explore the nightlife and go to one of the many clubs, it wouldn’t be unusual to find a mixture of people dressed in the finest designer drab and the next guy, in cut-off denim shorts and sandals.

To enjoy the beautiful landscapes

The island has no shortage of beautiful sights and sounds. Its marine reserve is put in place to protect the beauty of the surrounding coral reefs, diverse fish species and other marine fascinations.

To sleep next to the sea

The beaches are a main feature, where you can bask in the sun, order some French cuisine from a nearby restaurant, sip on your favourite drink or just simply lay back on the sand at night to gaze at the stars and eventually fall asleep with the thought of tomorrow beckoning to show you all it has to offer.

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